We called it “Sandpit” and it was about to create a unique moment to talk, doubt, rethink and imagine our future use of technology. Also, the discussion was partly dedicated to exchange ideas and reflections about ‘Wales’s first ever interactive drawing robot on the beach’ (which was an earlier proposal for the residency).

All participants introduced themselves, we got to know more about bloc’s activity and we were asked to describe Kitchen Budapest more closely. Also we told about the last months, how we approached bloc’s commission, developed several ideas and finally decided to realize the CoastWatch Project.

During and after a fabulous lunch provided by the Druidstone Hotel, we jumped into topics like artists built robots, CCTC and surveillance issues, the power of images of objects, learned about Wales’ history and current economic and overall situation. We then spent the rest of the afternoon discovering the amazing coastline while continue the discussions in smaller groups.

To sum it up, we exchanged ideas, got useful feedback and inspirational thoughts. A good base to strengthen connections and possible future projects! Thank you all!


Emma Posey, director, bloc

Stefhan Caddick
, artist

Glenn Davidson, Artstation

Jake Whittaker, artist

Toby Downing, artist

James Fells

Beata Fells

Angela Rogers, project leader, maternity cover



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